Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Review: Carmina Burana

Carmina Burana, photo by David Bazemore

The Santa Barbara Independent reviews Carmina Burana:

An Historic Occasion

Granada Theatre, May 31, 2008

Reviewed by Charles Donelan

Along with a professional orchestra assembled for the occasion and three superb vocal soloists, the Santa Barbara Choral Society and State Street Ballet created a lively, coherent, and wholly satisfying new version of Carl Orff’s Carmina Burana. With the chorus standing on risers behind the dance stage and the orchestra below in the Granada’s amazing adjustable pit, the stage proper became a dream space in between — the perfect location for the unfolding of William Soleau’s world premiere choreography.

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Noozhawk.com's review of Carmina Burana:

Carmina Burana Doubles Its Magic

Granada Theatre, May 31, 2008

Reviewed by Margo Kline

Carmina is a kind of beautiful monster. It is an immense musical work, and Soleau created an equally profound dance vocabulary for it.

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Feature: Carmina Burana

Victoria Luchkina, photo by Rose Eichenbaum

The Santa Barbara Independent's feature article on Carmina Burana:
State Street Ballet Unveils a New Carmina Burana at the Granada

Feature by Elizabeth Schwyzer

This weekend, in partnership with the Santa Barbara Choral Society (SBCS) and Orchestra, [State Street Ballet] unveils its latest production and its most dramatic project as of yet: an original, full scale, evening-length production of Carmina Burana at the Granada.

This is one of the largest original theater productions ever staged in Santa Barbara, and certainly the largest yet at the newly renovated theater. With 20 dancers, 100 singers, and 53 musicians, it’s unprecedented in scope and ambition, and it’s happening on a scale that would not have been possible in any other theater space in town.

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