Wednesday, March 25, 2009

New Evenings video and postcards

The postcards are a bit late for this one, but they're finally done. If you're on our mailing list, expect to see one soon. For a preview, check out our Facebook event page.

We also hope you'll enjoy a new highlight reel of past Evenings:

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Evenings: April 9

Join us at the Gail Towbes Center for Dance to see new choreography created and performed by the dancers of State Street Ballet.

Evenings is a casual, elegant evening of new dance served with wine and refreshments. 

Stay after the performance to meet the dancers.

$25 at the door
$20 reserved in advance (email, Facebook, or phone)

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Review: Cinderella

The Santa Barbara Independent Reviews Cinderella

Marina Fliagina, Sergei Domrachev (on the ground), and guest artist Ezlimar Dortolina

State Street Ballet’s Cinderella
Granada Theater, February 21-22, 2009
Reviewed by Melissa Lynn Block

State Street Ballet’s Cinderella, staged at the Granada last weekend, was like the theater itself—a faithful retelling of an old story, but with plenty of colorful surprises.

Guest artist Ezlimar Dortolina held the show’s center as the story’s ever-hopeful, ever-faithful heroine. The stepsisters—danced by John Christopher Piel and Sergei Domrachev—were clothed in hilarious drag, complete with complicated hoop skirts, piled-on makeup, long nails, and squeezed-together cleavage. With his subtle but skillfully timed mincing, ill-conceived flirting, and pouting, Piel provided a nice foil to Domrachev’s broad physical antics and facial expressions.

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Feature: Cinderella preview

The Santa Barbara Independent previews Cinderella:

Marina Fliagina, John Christopher Piel, and Sergei Domrachev as the Stepmother, and two Stepsisters.

Cinderella at the Granada
by Justine Sutton
After its Santa Barbara premiere in 2005, SSB’s Cinderella went on to a highly successful tour of the East Coast, and this fall the show will head to Colorado, Wyoming, and other points east. But first, Cinderella will waltz across the stage at the company’s new home theater, the Granada, this weekend.

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Feature: The Nutcracker

More Nutcrackers than you can shake a stick at. Theater schedules are very tight in December, even for small towns!

Dueling Nutcrackers Vie for Audience
by Cathy Murillo

Because of an unavoidable scheduling conflict, both Santa Barbara Festival Ballet and State Street Ballet will present their respective Nutcrackers on December 13 and 14, at essentially the same curtain times. Heightening the sense of competition, State Street Ballet will forego its Hollywood-themed presentation of art deco sets and 1930s costumes, so both productions will be turned out in traditional fairytale ballet style.

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Review: Swan Lake

The Santa Barbara Independent reviews Swan Lake:

Mio Kondo, guest artist Yevgeni Anfinogenov, Victoria Luchkina 
(photo David Bazemore)

Swan Lake

Granada Theater, October 12, 2009

Reviewed by Elizabeth Schwyzer

It’s a big year for State Street Ballet: the company is celebrating its 15th anniversary, moving to new studio space, and stepping into its role as one of the resident companies of the newly restored Granada. Last weekend’s production of Swan Lake was SSB’s way of acknowledging a historic moment in its development—a statement of its ability to do justice to the world’s most popular ballet and to the classical tradition that remains at the foundation of its work, and to attract a large audience.

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Feature: Swan Lake

The Santa Barbara Independent's feature on our Swan Lake as well as our new studio:

Victoria Luchkina as Odette/Odile (photo by David Bazemore)

State Street Ballet’s Swan Lake

by Justine Sutton

This fall, State Street Ballet (SSB) is celebrating 15 years in Santa Barbara, stepping onto a larger stage at the Granada, and moving into a new studio space on Las Positas. It’s enough to make even the most seasoned dancer’s head spin.

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