Saturday, February 28, 2009

Review: Cinderella

The Santa Barbara Independent Reviews Cinderella

Marina Fliagina, Sergei Domrachev (on the ground), and guest artist Ezlimar Dortolina

State Street Ballet’s Cinderella
Granada Theater, February 21-22, 2009
Reviewed by Melissa Lynn Block

State Street Ballet’s Cinderella, staged at the Granada last weekend, was like the theater itself—a faithful retelling of an old story, but with plenty of colorful surprises.

Guest artist Ezlimar Dortolina held the show’s center as the story’s ever-hopeful, ever-faithful heroine. The stepsisters—danced by John Christopher Piel and Sergei Domrachev—were clothed in hilarious drag, complete with complicated hoop skirts, piled-on makeup, long nails, and squeezed-together cleavage. With his subtle but skillfully timed mincing, ill-conceived flirting, and pouting, Piel provided a nice foil to Domrachev’s broad physical antics and facial expressions.

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